Financial Manager

Job description

A finance manager is responsible for providing financial advice and support to clients and colleagues to enable them to make sound business decisions. Duties and Responsibilities: Provide and interpret financial information. Monitor and interpret cash flows and predict future trends. Formulating strategic and long-term business plans. Developing financial management mechanisms that minimize financial risks. Managing personnel. Keeping abreast of changes in financial legislation and regulations.


Bachelor’s degree in finance or other related field. An analytical work approach. The ability to work as part of a team and build strong working relationships. Good time management skills and the ability to prioritize. High math and technical skills. Good computer skills.

Details of the track

work location
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Business industry
Recruitment and employment agency

Business type
Recruitment agency

Job description
Finance and Investment

Type of employment
Not specified

Monthly salary
Not specified

a number of vacancies
Not specified

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