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Photo Editor – Alaraby Television Network

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Photo Editor is responsible for constructing all the raw images along with the video camera, tries to live recorded or even sent deals, ensures the highest quality of enhancement and also quality assurance of the job according to Alaraby TV standards. Main tasks and tasks: Constructing all raw video with * video camera tries either recorded or even sent to a video recording strip to prepare for entering the computer system Uncut rushes and audio input and sync * and save them directly to data on the computer system Electronically reducing the files to be created the series of the film and deciding what is actually functional Producing a or even montage montage of the program/film and determining the exact cut for both the next and the last phase Reordering and also tweaking the content to make sure the rational order and smooth jogging of the movie/video Management of the premium and also development of audio and also video * engineering and a Also change the quality assurance of the last item before shipment * to make it demonstrate Alaraby TV’s policies and methods. Top quality assurance coverage and tracking of sites. Comply with OFCOM standards. Understand our specialized * requirements Understands and meets broadcasting and network audio/video requirements Ability to perform under stress in an online news environment Skills Adventurous working on and photo desk & ideally programming yet different * than within an active media title Significant know-how as well as knowledge in Adobe Debut and/or
various edits and improvement
– software Capacity to connect with multi-oral collaborators. Creative eye and also artistic sensitivity Ability to function under stress and achieve goals within deadline Really good organizational skills References and criteria: Well spoken and in black and white – skills in Arabic is required Relevant certification in – Photography/Film/Television , interactions or even media surveys, English or corporate surveys chosen. 3 years experience in relevant field Bachelor’s degree in relevant industry Job Details Job Place Doha, Qatar Provider Industry * Program Media Development; Media production Business style Employer (exclusive sector) Job component Concept, imaginative and also art Work type Full-time employee Monthly compensation Selection Indefinite Number of vacancies Not specified Preferred candidate Profession Amount Medium job Years of adventure Min: 3 Level Bachelor level / higher diploma or degree Published on

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Other business support services

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