Job description:


Acts as a representative of the company with the client and selected subcontractors during the execution of the program.

Negotiates changes in scope of work with client and key subcontractors.

Markets and guarantees extra work for the client.

Responsible for following instructions and commitments associated with the project. Can participate in negotiations with regulatory authorities and in public meetings in support of clients.

Oversees the preparation of the project implementation plan, health and safety plan, quality assurance/quality control plan and other required documents.

Establishes program requirements for all areas of the project and checks draft and final deliveries for compliance with these criteria.

Responsible for developing and disseminating a one to two page description of the project to all members of the project team for reference.

Plan, direct, supervise and control the execution of all business, technical, fiscal and administrative functions of the assigned project.

Assigns responsibility for executing project plans to key subordinates after careful assessment of the use of their qualifications and strengths. Provides input for performance reviews and development plans for subordinates.

Mobilizes company resources, through collaboration with the engineering design team, other offices or subsidiaries, to create project teams capable of completing effective and quality work.

Discusses the required qualifications of key project positions in specific detail with the design team managers and design directors.

Collaborates with other managers, project engineers and leads to developing budgets, schedules and plans for the various elements of a project.

Ensures that the project meets or exceeds the goals set in these plans.

Works with key project staff to devise and execute action plans to correct potential cost overruns or delays, or to accommodate significant changes in scope of work.

Advise the customer and management of such changes.

Responsible for maintaining current and timely change orders.

Promotes technical and commercial excellence on the project through the application of quality assurance processes.

Monitors and reports to management on the progress of all project activities within the program, including key milestones and any conditions that may affect project costs or schedule.

Establishes weekly meeting to review project status and formulate action items.

Carries out other responsibilities associated with this position, as appropriate.

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