Job description


Prepare budget estimates for each major proposal effort to determine how much effort the entire Core Services team needs to prepare the proposal documents. This includes the effort required by the proposal coordinators, graphic artists, desktop publishers, editors and print production staff.

Required to work independently and in a team.

Preparation of the proposal:

  • Performs detailed analysis of RFP documents to assess requirements and prepares questions for clarification to be sent to customer
  • Develops a detailed compliance matrix and schema outlining the entire proposal process through proposal delivery
  • Schedule and facilitate the proposal development kick-off meeting, with both internal and external participants present to discuss proposal requirements, review the compliance matrix and identify individuals responsible for each section of the RFP response, and the development schedule to review proposals as a team
  • Provides guidance to the proposal team writers in preparing the technical components of the proposal by reviewing the initial section overviews to ensure that all RFP requirements are included
  • Set templates and standards for proposal appearance, writing style and layout with the help of the graphics staff
  • Collaborates with the Capture Manager throughout the proposal development process.
  • Responsible for writing non-technical parts of the proposal (i.e. project descriptions, resumes, team qualifications, various management plans, etc.)
  • Works closely with Contracts to ensure all financial and legal requirements and proposal forms are handled and executed according to RFQ/RFP requirements.
  • Serves as the primary point of contact for all team members (internal and external) for questions related to RFP requirements
  • Responsible for a thorough understanding of all requirements related to the RFQ/RFP documents.
  • Reviews all draft proposals and final document versions to ensure RFP response, thoroughness, accuracy, and quality, while document layout and design maximizes sales impact and proposal readability through effective visualizations
  • Facilitates pink and red review meetings in which a team of reviewers comment on the draft documents.
  • Develops a remediation plan to ensure that all review comments are included in the proposal documents before the document is produced and submitted.
  • Identifies potential issues that may arise during the proposal development process and develops effective solutions.
  • Provides supervision and guidance on proposed work assignments requested from the graphic arts and editors, and provides constructive feedback on the work products.
  • Establishes a production schedule and resource plan to ensure that all required proposal documents are produced correctly and delivered on time. This also applies to working with print suppliers, if proposal documents are produced outside of the home.
  • Responsible for performing a quality review of the final printed proposal documents and performing a detailed compliance check against RFP requirements to ensure the submission is of high quality and accuracy. (ensures that the three Cs of proposal development (persuasive, compliant, comprehensive) are included).

New activities and work assignments:

  • Participate in weekly BD calls and assign new activities to proposal development team members
  • Maintains a schedule of proposal development assignments and keeps division management informed of which team member is responsible for coordinating each proposal.
  • Monitors quality and timeliness of work assignments, provides constructive feedback as needed and prepares/conducts annual performance reviews for team members for proposal development

Budget estimates:

  • Prepare budget estimates for each major proposal effort to determine how much effort the entire Core Services team needs to prepare the proposal documents. This includes the effort required by the proposal coordinators, graphic artists, desktop publishers, editors and print production staff.
  • Once approved, monitor budget spend and identify ways to get the budget back on track if spending exceeds estimates.
  • Carries out other responsibilities associated with this position, as appropriate.


Experience / Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Marketing, English, Business, Communication, Liberal Arts or related field
  • 10-15+ years RFP response and experience developing proposals (or equivalent)
  • Experience in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry essential
  • Experience preparing and managing major program management proposals ($100 million+) and/or alternative project delivery proposals (design-build/public-private partnerships) from start to finish.
  • Native English level language proficiency
  • Must be able to demonstrate commercial acumen, including pricing activities.
  • Detail-oriented.
  • First-class leadership and motivational skills.
  • Must possess excellent written, interpersonal and communication skills as well as excellent organizational and time management skills, and be able to lead a small team of employees.
  • Must be able to inspire excellent work from team members with a range of experience and technical skills in the development of proposal documents. In addition, he/she must be able to adapt to changing priorities in a highly dynamic work environment and demonstrate tact and diplomacy to effectively resolve quality and production issues in stressful situations with critical deadlines.
  • The individual must work on multiple assignments, with overlapping schedules, and must be able to multitask and delegate responsibilities to team members to complete all tasks.

Details of the track

work location
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

business industry
General engineering office

Business type
Employer (private sector)

Type of employment
Full-time employee

Monthly salary

a number of vacancies

Preferred Candidate

Years of experience
Min: 10

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